NGRPTA Fixed Castors

Heavy Duty Polyurethane on Aluminium Centre Fixed Castors

You're looking at our range of heavy duty fixed castors from our NGRPTA series. These heavy duty castors are made from an orange polyurethane tread on an aluminium centre all house in a black fabricated steel bracket. 
They're suitable for a wide range of heavy duty applications and come in a varity of styles including, braked, swivel and fixed. Currently we're looking at the swivel castors. 

Available in four sizes the largest castor in the set with a wheel diameter of 200mm is capable of supporting loads up to 800kg per castor and the smallest of the set having a wheel diameter of 125mm is capable of supporting loads up to 450kg per castor. 

if you've taken a look at some of the other heavy duty castors we offer, you may have noticed that i tend to say how aesthecially appealing i find these castors, This is ofcourse my own opinion but i would again like to say the same about our series of NGRPTA series of castors as i honestly do find them a rather good looking product. Now we know that the aesthetics is not the deciding factor for everybody as buying the right castor for the job is usually just that, it has to fit the job but you'd be surprised at how many customers do like a nice looking castor. Particularly if you think of the setting it may be in. For example, Retail, is this castor going to be fitted on a point of sale stand in a store somewhere? Even in the home setting, the industrial look in homes has really gained traction over the last few years and these heavy duty castors would really be the finishing touch to a piece of industrial style furniture. 

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