NGRPT Fixed Castors

Polyurethane On Cast Iron Centre Fixed Heavy Duty Castors

You're looking at our series of NGRPT heavy duty fixed castors. Made with an orange polyurethane tread on a cast iron centre, all housed within a black fabricated steel bracket. Suitable for a wide variety of heavy duty applications where reliabiltiy isn't negotiable, These castors will keep you moving. Available in four different wheel diameters with increasing load capacity these castors are a suitable fit for many applications! 

The largest of these heavy duty fixed castors being 250mm in wheel diameter is capable of supporting loads up fo 1200kg per castor and the smallest one being 125mm in wheel diameter can support up to 550kg per castor! 

If you've read about some of our other heavy duty castors, you've probably come to realise that personally i somewhat find them incredibly appealing visually. For something that really such a vital part of an end product such as a warehouse trolley, we really don't give castors enough credit for how lost we'd be without them! So when you get a castor that looks this good and performs this well give it a little appreciation from us! 

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