SSDR Bolt Hole

Stainless Steel Poly Nylon Bolt Hole Castors

So we're assuming you've come here because you're looking for stainless steel castors, And we're going to also guess that you're looking for bolt hole castors? 
Well that's perfect then! You've landed in the correct place! 

So, What you're looking at here is our beautiful range of SSDR Bolt Hole Castors, This range of castors in all honesty is one of my favorite ranges, just purely because of how nice it looks and how cost effective it can be if you are in need of some excellent quality stainless steel castors! 

The range is available in a variety of different styles, sizes and load capacities but the style you're currently looking at are ther Bolt Hole Castors, they're available in 3 different sizes, being 80mm, 100mm and 125mm. The total load capacity per castor depends on the size you select the 80mm castor can support loads up to 100kg, 100mm castor can support loads of up to 150kg and the largest of this style being 125mm can support loads of up to 200kg per castor. 

When you think about the size of these castors that's a pretty impressive load capacity! 

If you're looking for other styles of stainless steel castor, they can be found here

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