Stainless Steel Castors

We offer a large range of stainless steel castors that are suitable for many applications. Both wheel types featured on the website have a selection of different frames, sizes and wheels to suit your application requirements.

Our Stainless Steel Castors (available online) come in two different wheel materials Nylon or Polyurethane. These castors have been designed to be utilised on machinery, trolleys and any industrial equipment. Stainless Steel Castors are used in food processing and catering, clean room environments, medical and hospital sectors, laboratories, and schools.

Anywhere there is a need for a high level of hygiene to be maintained our stainless steel castors prosper. Stainless Steel Castors are preferentially chosen for these professions because they are none corrosive and don’t rust. This allows cleanliness wash-down procedure requirements to be easily implemented and upheld.

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