SSDR Bolt Hole Braked

Stainless Steel Bolt Hole Braked Castors

You're looking at the incredible SSDR range of Bolt Hole Braked castors. Ranging in size from 80mm all the way through to 125mm! The load capacity on these medium duty castors is pretty impressive to say the least ! The smallest of the range being 80mm in wheel diameter is capable of supporting loads of up to 100kg per castor! Then we get to the largest of the range which is 125mm capable of supporting up to 200kg per castor! 

They're suitable for a wide range of applications and being stainless steel only adds to those applicable applications such as applications for the catering and hospitality industry! If you're going to be using castors in and around moisture, then you're really going to want to invest in something that's stainless steel. This will improve the overall life of your castor and give you a much better return on investing in a superb quality product. 

If you've just landed on this page and you're wondering if they're available in other fitting methods such as plate fitting, yes, You can view our range of SSDR stainless steel castors here

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