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We all love our Holidays but most of you dont realise is that the journey starts with wheels. You start your holiday off by packing those essentials in to your suitcase, a suitcase that never seems to be big enough.  Suitcases today are a lot different to 10 years ago and these days the majority of suitcases have wheels on them, Some suitcases that include a telescopic handle and wheels are known as trolley cases. Trolley cases typically have two fixed wheels on one end with the handle located on the opposite for vertical movement, this has become alot easier for you to manouve about the airports. Airports still have the trolleys on offer for you to use but it is alot eaiser these days to pull your own suitcase on the wheels. Once you have left your luggage at the check in desk you cant wait to get on that plane and start to relax.

Did you know that in a large airplane there are somewhere around 26-30 wheels, Wheels are very important for the take off and also to land at the airports. Normal landings are done by touching all three wheels down at the same time in a three-point landing. This method does allow the shortest landing distance but can be difficult to carry out in crosswinds, as rudder control may be reduced severely before the tailwheel can become effective. Also there is the wheel landing. This requires the pilot to land the aircraft on the main wheels while maintaining the tailwheel in the air with elevator to keep the angle of attack low. Once the aircraft has slowed to a speed that can ensure control will not be lost, but above the speed at which rudder effectiveness is lost, then the tailwheel is lowered to the ground.