Non-Marking Rubber Wheels

Our non-marking rubber wheels come in a range of sizes, colours and designs meaning we have something suitable for every type of apparatus.

The grey rubber wheel range is perfect for use within the general public, such as hospitals, schools and retail stores. All of these wheels have an almost silent operating noise level which is very advantageous when used within hotels and theatres too on equipment such as cleaning carts or food trays.

Our non-marking black wheels are available in flat free style options, suitable for use within a garden centre or movement of a DIY trolley in a garage. Looking for a heavy duty wheel which can carry a larger load capacity? Check out the rubber on cast iron options which can hold up to 800kg per wheel! Finally, is our sleek and modern rubber on aluminium wheel, superb for use a multi-surface industry as it can tackle all types of floor, such as loose, concrete and gravel.

The most popular range of wheels we sell is our utility wheel, the blue non-marking BNB. Made from a blue rubber this wheel can tackle whatever situation it's used within with a reliable, strong and highly manoeuvrable approach. We've seen it used in recycling centres, on server carts, attached to DIY workbenches and toolkits - the list is endless as it's such a versatile and adaptable wheel.

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