Buy Castor Wheels Online

We know that sometimes you don't need the whole casor assmebly, Your application may not require the whole castor with a bracket, you may just want the castor wheel. You may already have the bracket for your castor and just need the replacement castor wheel if the tread has perhaps worn down or somebody has caused damage to the wheel. 

Well the great news is, we do sell the castor wheels on their own without a bracket assembly as well! You can find a great selection of our castor wheels in this category! We have a great range of different wheel materials, wheel diameters, some castor wheels contain ball bearings, roller bearings, some don't come with a bearing. It all depends entirely what your application is and what castor wheel you feel would be suitable! 

Remember, If you're ever unsure about what wheel you think you're going to need for your application, you can always give our salesteam a call who are always more than happy to help you find the correct product

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