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Its a waste!!!

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It is one of the shameful facts of modern day living that 3 out of 4 families throw away the equivalent of a full meal every five days.  They do not of course have their own trolleys with FIXED and Swivel Castors on to transport the waste to a suitable dump.  Instead they put it increasingly into domestic waste bins, each having 2 rubber tyred wheels to move them.   These are of course loaded into community waste Lorries, each having their own complement of large rubber tyred vehicle wheels.  This discarded waste amounts to 15% of a weekly food shopping budget or about £680 per year for a couple with 3 or more children.

The shopping is always collected in a supermarket trolley each having swivel castors, some notoriously having a mind of their own.  It seems research shows that 77% of householders throw away food unnecessarily.   The researchers, sometimes using a leaflet trolleys with castors to help carry the load, found that families spend an average of £85.00 per week on groceries, always collected with the help of trolleys with swivel castors, sometimes with braked castors, and generally cooking too much and throwing away the left overs.   The effort used to produce this food on farms using various rubber wheeled trucks is transported by 12 wheeled Lorries.   It is unloaded by the trolleys at the supermarkets with 4 castors, to both store and then re-stock the various items.  A lesson for all then, to save money and also effort by the use of wheels and castors.