80mm Nylon Castor | 200kg

Price: £5.52 Ex VAT
(£6.62 including VAT)

Code: 80DRBH12NY

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Technical Information

Load Capacity (kg) 200kg
Load Capacity (kg) of 4 Castors 600kg
Overall Height 106mm
Wheel Diameter 80mm
Tread Width 28mm
Fitting Method M12 Bolt Hole
Bearing Type Plain
Offset 37.5mm
Bracket Material Pressed Steel
Wheel Material Nylon
Wheel Colour White

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I have a multipurpose woodworking machine mounted on a welded solid steel frame, together of approx gross weight 450 kilos - I want to be able to turn the machine on a smooth concrete floor through 90 degrees when working on longer pieces - would 4x single 12mm bolt castors of 200kilo capacity, perform this function adequately and still provide a static stable platform to work on?

Hello Jon yes however, I'd also suggest having 2 braked otherwise your machine may start to move. Nylon are good a good choice when weight is consistent which I understand your application will be ?? Kind Regards Paul