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We have a great selection of castors & castor wheels available on our website, most of which are in stock in our UK warehouse and ready for dispatch! 
Because of carrying such a large inventory though, It can often be hard for customers to find the correct product. We're always willing to offer support and guideance on anything that we can in terms of helping you find the right castor or castor wheel. 

We also understand though that some customers (like myself) would rather just have a nice easy way to find the right castor for the right job and then move onto lifes next challenge. That's why we've put together this handy few pages that are titled to help you find the correct castor or castor wheel for your application. 

For example, If you're part of a band or you're the audio guy / gal that's always moving the equipment around from gig to gig then you might find that the castors on your flight case can become worn over time and replacing the whole flight case would be expensive! That's why we've appropriately named a category for you "Flight Case Castors" In here you'll find a selection of elastic non-marking blue rubber flight case castors that are suprisingly enough, Commonly found on flight cases. 

Another quick example could be Wheelie Bin Wheels, You won't find a category specifically named "Wheelie Bin Wheels" in this category as that would be very specific and quite an empty category. You will though find a category called "Waste Services Castors" which will contain a whole selection of castors that are appropriate for a wide variety of whellie bins and refuse containers. 

Always bear in mind though, that if you can't find a castor on our website, it doesn't mean that we don't do it, we may not have gotten around to listing it yet or it could be that we've just not made it easy enough to find. We're always willing to help so please, feel free to give our customer service a call on 01527 506702.

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