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A Gate Way to Prison

A Gate Way to Prison

We live in an increasingly lawless society whatever government figures tell you. In the Prison Gate castors are used on the gates and also steel wheels are used on equipment inside, having trolleys with swivel and fixed castors.

At the moment there are currently more than 170 HM Prisons, Young Offenders Institutes, Detentions and Immigration Centres across the UK as well as the Crown, Magistrates Courts and Police stations serving these establishments. That’s alot of gates and cell doors powered by castors

All prisons have a range of high security steelwork to cover these facilities along with a worldwide export service supplying UK manufactured cell doors, prison doors, detention doors and grille gates to overseas facilities all supported again by Castors,.

It seems two thirds of young criminals and suspects who are fitted with electronic tags go on to break their court order. We are talking of 2,624 offenders breaking this order. Can another way be found to keep a tag on these individuals? Perhaps we should limit their movement. Perhaps instead of handcuffs and tags we can cuff their feet to castors? This would have benefits, one instance the police will be in cars with 4 rubber tyred wheels or on bikes with large pneumatic wheels; they could even be on roller skates with castors on. Maybe they can be cuffed to braked castors and we can lock the brakes so they do not run away

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