BlogInformationCast Iron wheels, get it?

Cast Iron wheels, get it?

Cast Iron wheels, get it?

Castors with cast iron wheels have an endless list of applications.  At Atlas Handling uk ltd we have an extensive range of cast iron castors, these castors start from 50mm twin wheel low level castors right up to the twin wheel castors that can take several tonne.

These cast iron castor wheels provide long durability with heavy capacity ratings. Cast iron wheels are a durable and a less expensive option. Cast iron wheels work best on smooth concrete surfaces. Cast Iron caster wheels can handle the most imperfect and severe applications/environments.   They also have a low rolling resistance therefore making them easier to push.

Most cast iron castors can be used in high temperature applications so can provide the best carrying capacity with resistance to heat.

We had an application where some moulds were being made to create bridge supports.  These would eventually carry 20 tonnes but also had to withstand a high temperature curing process.  They also needed to keep the height of the castor as low as possible.  We supplied them with some fabricated twin wheel cast iron castors.  These have been in operation now for several years and the castors are still doing fine.

There are also variations on the cast iron castor;

Poly Cast castors

Rubber Cast castors

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