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Cast - Iron your troubles away

Cast - Iron your troubles away


Atlas Handling offers a range of Cast Iron Castors and Cast Iron Wheels. Our Castors come in sizes 100mm up to 250mm. We sell the wheels on their own or in a bracket. Brackets come in Swivel, Fixed and Braked; we even offer Bolt Hole and Bolt Braked Castors. We offer roller bearings as well as ball journal, we do offer different bore sizes with our wheels so please call us to see if we have the bearings size for you.


Such heavy duty wheels are synonymous with using the very best high grade materials, to ensure safety and load performance over life times of the project; we offer the widest choice available for diameter, load and have the most experience in this field when assisting a customer’s own design needs.


Cast iron castors are usually a favored choice because they are long lasting and wear well. They carry large loads. These castors can also withstand high temperatures (in a suitable castor bracket).


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