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Castors take flight

Castors take flight


What is a flight case castor or Rack castor?


The music industry has always been a very mobile industry.   Bands on tour rely on the ability to take a lot of equipment wherever they go.  To do this they use flight cases.  Flight cases come in all sorts of sizes and shapes so that they can carry a multitude of items.   Flight cases all rely on being mobile.  To help with that they utilise castors in various sizes.


Atlas Handling uk has been supplying flight case castors industry for over a decade.  The most common is the Blue Elastic Rubber castor, the most popular being the 100mm diameter castor.



Elastic Rubber is a revolutionary SYNTHETIC material which gives the unique qualities of enabling the ride characteristics of a traditional rubber tyred wheel to be combined with a high load carrying capacity, low inertia / traction (easy to move!), it is non-marking wheel, very quiet running wheel, absorbs shock and vibrations, is extremely hard wearing and resistant to dirt, grit, metal swarf etc. Perhaps this explains why this type of castor is specified by major flight case manufactures.





Other common flight case castors use Grey non marking wheels.   These can take the form of original rubber castors; rubber that is extracted from trees or TPR wheels .


These Thermoplastic wheels offer the following advantages over standard rubber;

  • Logical choice for a clean environment.
  • Recommended for use where low decibel count is required, low noise castors
  • TPR offers a soft cushion ride.
  • Resistant to a broad range of chemicals, acids, solvents and detergents.
  • Excellent "flat spot" resistance.
  • Non-marking will not chip surfaces
  • Performance proven in wet and corrosive conditions

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