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Coolest Chair In the Office

Coolest Chair In the Office

Office Chairs


Atlas Handling office chair castors. They are the popular Plastic twin wheel castors in 50mm diameter, with 11mm dia x 22mm long stem.  Use as chair castors, fridge castors, radiator castors, display castors and shopfitting applications


Our furniture castors are for the modern day office chair that wont look out of place in your office.  The chair is primarily used on a laminate floor or tile floor, The fitting which is shown in the picture below is european standard fitting which is 11mm in the diameter which is ideal for all office chairs.



Castors included consist of our ever popular TW Range and CTW Range in both 40mm and 50mm sizes.

The idea of a chair castor is that it is small castor and discreet castor yet still able to perform well under weight . These chair castors are popular in schools, offices and also around the home. Perfect non marking for laminate flooring which with the PUCTW range will not mark your floor. Black Nylon on rubber chair castor This may sound an easy task however , small wheels can easily become clogged up and blocked by tuffs of carpet trapped between the wheels .
Our furniture castor range has been designed so that the Gap between the two wheels is large enough that it helps prevent any clogging ; this give the obvious benefit of being able to operate and move around smoothly and effortlessly.






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