DR Blue Elastic Rubber Non-Marking Fixed Castors

Non-Marking Elastic Rubber Fixed Castors With Blue Castor Wheel

You're looking at our selection of Elastic Non-Marking Blue Rubber Braked Castors. Suitable for a wide variety of applications but most commonly you would see these on applications such as flight boxes. They've commonly been used on flightboxes for many years and theres good reason for it! The blue elastic rubber gives the application a smooth operation when being moved around. And commonly in flight cases you tend to find expensive and sensitive equipment that you wouldn't reall want to cause vibration damage to. 

There is a variety of wheel diameters available and a variety of different styles as well! If you need any assistance in choosing the correct castor or you're not sure what castor you may need, please feel free to give our sales team a call who are always more than happy to assist! Or why not use our online chat facility in the bottom right hand corner? 

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