DR Braked Nylon Castors

Light Duty White Nylon Braked Castors with a Pressed Steel Bracket

You're looking at our rather versatile, rather clean looking series of light to medium duty DR series of light duty braked nylon castors. 

Suitable for a rather large range of light duty applications, these are some castors that are extremely good value for money and just want to keep on giving! 
They're available with 6 different wheel diameters that include 80mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 160mm and 200mm. Now as you'd expect the load capacity of the braked castor increases the larger the castor wheel. For example, the smallest castor in this range has a wheel diameter of 80mm can support loads of up to 200kg and the largest castor in this range has a wheel diameter of 200mm which can support loads of up to 350kg. 

Now it's important to remember that there's a nack to working out the total load capacity that a set of castors can take. We'll tell you... When you're working out the overall load capacity of a set of four castors, you will only divide the required load over three castors rather than the full set of four. So assuming that you've selected the 200mm light duty braked nylon castor, you'd say that the over all load capacity a set of four could take would be 1400kg per set... In theory yes, that would be correct however, we like to take into account things such as uneven loads and uneven flooring. Not everything is perfect. We'll give you another example, If you were to buy a set of four of these castors for a warehouse trolley and the user ended up putting the bulk of the weight on the front end of the trolley, the castors at the front could possibly be taking much more weight than they should be, causing them to potentially fail! So even weight distribution is always something to look at as well. 

So we say work out the load over three castors because you will always have that bit extra than you actually need should a caster fail or should there be even load. 

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