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This is a very dominant part of our lives now.  We cannot go anywhere without our lives being affected by some kind of health and safety regulation.

Every day at Atlas Handling uk Ltd we have to deal with a problem that involves a health and safety issue that has been caused by something.  With respect to castors this can mean a wheel has failed, a castor bracket has broken or the item is too hard to manoeuvre.

Pretty much 99% we can recommend a castor that will be perfect for the application.  There is certain factors that we need to know to be able to do this correctly.  The biggest factor that a castor has to tolerate is the load i.e. the weight it has to carry.  Unfortunately this is just guessed a lot of the time and can cause a multitude of problems for the castor.  We will always try and build in some kind of safety factor when recommending a castor, in the hope that this will alleviate some miscalculation on the load.

Castors can cause issues with back pain when initially pushing a trolley.  When castors are moving this reduces a lot but it’s the initial effort required to get them to move that can do the damage.  There are several ways to alleviate this, the size of the castor, always use the largest diameter yo can.  This will reduce the effort needed to push it and if the castor were to come across an obstacle the castor will be able to ride over it better and not stop.  Also castors, in most cases, have the option of having plain bore wheels, roller bearing wheels or ball bearing centred wheels.  The plain bearing is the most basic and the ball bearing wheel has the least amount of effort needed to get the castor moving.

The other big factor is the type of floor or castor wheel material.  Friction can play a large part in the castors use.  It can also cause a castor to fail if too much load is applied to a castor that has increased traction on the floor.  Castors with hard treads need the least amount of effort needed whereas castors with rubber tyres can cause increased friction.

These are just the basic things to consider where a castor has failed and caused a health and safety issue.  There are loads of other causes and we will always ty and narrow this down for you if a castor is involved.  Just give Atlas Handling uk ltd a call.

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