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Hospital Madness

Hospital Madness

The health service is the cause of great debate in this country because of the ways it was set up in 1948, the way it was financed and the way we are all living to 150. Perhaps most important in the service are the hospitals. If you are transported to a hospital it will be in an ambulance, which will be mobile on 4 rubber tyred inflatable wheels. You will be accompanied by a harsh clangorous siren, which although it sounds as thought it is moving the earth, it is not doing it on wheels and castors. Soon you are unloaded onto a trolley usually having 4 solid rubber tyres, into the main body of the building and after exchanging pleasantries – particularly on a Saturday night – one will find themselves moved to a ward.

Multiple castors and wheels used for hospital beds can be seen. Each bed will have 4 castors allowing smooth mobility, perhaps jacking castors, which are also braked castors for immobility once situated. These are quite complicated pieces of equipment and it is often noticeable that some staff are not very familiar with the operation of bed castors and sometimes it is not unusual to see a shelf behind a bed askew as the bed has been jacked up before pulling it clear. The amount of cleaning of sheets and other bedclothes is enormous and the use of rubber tyred wheels and castors for trolleys is considerable. The hospital engineers will often have a need for replacement furniture castors for the many tables around. So much goes on in a hospital that it would be easy to think it has all gone mad.

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