LMHBBN Non-Marking Blue Elastic Rubber Braked Castors

Heavy Duty Non-Marking Blue Rubber Braked Castors

You're looking at our Heavy Duty Non-Marking Blue Rubber Braked Castors from our LMHBBN series of heavy duty castors. 
Made with a blue elastic non-marking rubber tread this heavy duty braked castor really shows it means business. It has been finished off perfectly with ball bearings for making heavier loads easier to move and it's all housed within a black fabricated steel bracket measuring at 135mm x 110mm with hole centres of 105mm x 80mm.

These heavy duty castors are suited to a wide variety of heavy duty applications where a castor that can take a little more than others is required. Available in 4 different wheel diameters that include 100mm, 125mm, 150mm and 200mm these are very versatile castors. A great thing to know about these castors is that they're also suitable for a variety of flooring due to their non-marking nature. Being made from blue non-marking rubber these will not leave marks on flooring like traditional black rubber castors would do. So if getting marks on your freshly painted warehouse flooring is an issuse then these are an ideal candidate. 

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