LMHBEA Black Elastic Rubber Swivel Castors

Black Rubber Heavy Duty Swivel Castors

You're looking at our LMHBEA series of heavy duty swivel castors, Suitable for a wide range of heavy duty applications, these heavy duty swivel castors are made from a black rubber tread on an aluminium centre all housed in a black fabricated steel bracket. These castors can support some serious weight and they mean business! The smallest castor in this particular series can support 220kg per castor alone! where as the largest castor in this series can support up to 450kg per castor! (My weight by next year at this rate) 

You're really getting an excellent quality product with this series of castor, It's always good to know that you hae a good strong core with a black elastic rubber tread that's going to be kinder on floors as opposed to something such as cast iron. 

You may find though that black rubber can cause black marks to some floor surfaces, If this is an issue then we would recomment using something like a grey non-marking rubber. 

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