LMHBNY Heavy Duty Swivel Nylon Castors

Heavy Duty White Nylon Swivel Castors with a Black Fabricated Bracket

You're looking at our series of LMHBNY heavy duty swivel castors. Made from a heavy duty white nylon castor wheel housed in a black fabricated bracket.
This series of swivel castor is the perfect range for applications that require something that's capable of supporting heavy duty applications whilst being a little more gentle and easy going on flooring as opposed to something such as cast iron. 

The largest swivel castor in this particular series has a wheel diameter of 200mm and is capable of supporting loads of up to 500kg per castor. It's important to remember that when you're working out your overall load capacity that you work it out over three castors rather than four. So if you had a set of four 200mm swivel castors from this series, the over all load capacity would not be 2000kg, It would be 1500kg. We say this to take things into account such as un-even load, un-even flooring etc.... 

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