LMH Series; Fabricated Stee / Elastic Polyurethane on Aluminium Centre Swivel

Elastic Polyurethane On An Aluminium Centre Heavy Duty Swivel Castor

You're looking at our LMH series of heavy duty elastic polyurethane swivel castor. These heavy duty swivel castors are made from a blue elastic polyurethane tread on an aluminium centre housed in a fabricated steel bracket. 
Not only are these heavy duty swivel castors excellent value for money but they also really play the part, especially if you're going ot be using these in public spaces. They look incredible! And so they should, You may not realise it but if you stop and think about the vital role that these swivel castors potentially play, why shouldn't they look this good? 

If you've not looked at the description of these castors yet, you may not know so we're just going to let you know that each one of these castors can support loads of up to 500kg per castor! We think that's truly incredible! Especially when you take the price of them into account. These castors truly have a lot going for them and to top it off, they're not going to be too harsh on your flooring! Whilst they have a solid heavy duty core, they have a nice elastic polyurethane tread that's also going to be capable of handling debris to a certain degree. 

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