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More Road Taxes

More Road Taxes

The poor old motorist, that is one who drives motor vehicles using Pneumatic Inflatable Tyres, is being targeted again. As though we don’t pay enough already in taxes and fines, leading academics have instructed the Transport Secretary to cut carbon emissions by imposing “Pay as you drive” road charges. They base their conclusions on the assumption that our cities are not equipped to take further growth in road traffic and insist that faster journey times on rail and main road networks will result in greater congestion on local urban roads.

This, by extension, means that more people are involved in accidents resulting in hospital via ambulances with large Inflatable Wheels, loaded onto trolleys with Fixed and Swivel Polyurethane Castors and eventually deposited into beds with complicated Bed Castors. Of course these academics are experts, not least at thinking with their posterior region, and haven’t worked out that the cities are large and unwieldy because we keep building more houses. At present the government is determined to do what? Build more houses! A problem to be solved by Castors and Wheels?

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