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New Year, New products

New Year, New products

New Year, New products


Atlas Handling Uk ltd in the next few months will be producing a brand new castor catalogue.  This new castor catalogue will feature all our existing range of light duty castor, institutional castors, standard duty castors and heavy duty castors but within these ranges we have increased the range of castor brackets and wheels.  This means we can offer a wider range of castor options.  This will enable us to offer a better choice of castor solutions and help to offer an alternative castor to an existing castor application.


Examples of the new castors and wheels are Bin castors, castors specifically designed to be used on Waste bins.

Low level castors, castors designed to take high loads but with a lower overall height.

We have a range of Antistatic castors, designed to reduce the possibility of static build up.

Along with these we have introduced a wider range of wheel options including Elastic polyurethane wheels, splash proof wheels and more options on Phenolic wheels.


To increase the options further we also have a range of truck locks and levelling castors.

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