Rugby football is the second biggest winter spectator sport in Britain. The top professional players are paid large sums of money to put their bodies on the line and unlike other sports, they certainly do risk life and limb. Consequently when they travel to training and match days, they almost invariably will arrive in motor vehicles running on rubber pneumatic tyred wheels. These will come in various sizes and the larger rubber inflatable tyred wheels will be used on so called off road Chelsea tractors. Now real tractors have very large rubber inflatable tyred wheels, which either in this form or a variation will be used in the preparation of the green pitch. Much equipment is needed to keep this in good trim which will include digging equipment to strip away turf and various chemical and feed before the laying of new turf or, the seeding of the playing area. Various pieces of equipment, chemicals and turf are transported to the middle in trucks on 4 rubber inflatable tyred wheels, which are towed by a tractor like vehicle. When all is set up and the sun comes out and it rains, the job of cutting the grass is of paramount importance and done by a rotary cutting lawnmower of commercial size, which will have 4 solid rubber tyred wheels or 4 pneumatic tyred wheels to accomplish the task. Meanwhile in the club premises smaller trolleys sometimes on polyurethane tyred castors will be used to move about the various equipment, balls and weight training devices. When you see the enormous size of Rugby players, particularly at top level, you wonder why they need wheels and castors, they can pick these items up without trolleys, and that's only the women’s rugby side!

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