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Well we have just moved into some nice new office space that has been created from some storage space.  As more and more people have joined us the existing office has become a little cramped.  It has taken a few months of planning and a couple of weeks to construct.

It’s amazing how many people I offered new castors too in the office building industry.  Apart from moving all the existing stock that involved a fork lift with wheels and the use of trollies with castors on, all the trades involved used castors on different bits of equipment.  The shop fitters have loads of dollies with castors on for moving pieces of equipment around.  The glazer’s had trollies with castors and even the electrician and carpenters used castors on toolboxes and mobile workbenches.

The office is now all finished.  We now need to fit castors to some of the furniture to make it mobile.  We also need to change our chair castors.  They are all fitted with non-marking furniture castors that are used on hard or laminate floors.  We will fit normal nylon furniture castors that work better on carpet.

Now it’s all finished we just need to clean up all the mess debris that has been left behind.  We have a sack truck for moving the rubbish bins and taking down to our large waste bins, which surprise surprise, are fitted with waste container wheels!

It’s surprising sometimes we really on such a simple product just to make all our lives easier.

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