BlogInformationThe Adventures of Tonka the Trolley - Volume 4 Chapter 6

The Adventures of Tonka the Trolley - Volume 4 Chapter 6

The Adventures of Tonka the Trolley - Volume 4 Chapter 6

The two girls had quickly recovered and the tool box, which had not followed Tonka to his grave, was replaced quickly onto the strong body of our now wide awake trolley.


As the vicar and some of the funeral directors began to close in on the children, Bobby and William yanked Tonka unceremoniously away from the proceedings and made towards the perimeter of the church yard, pursued by the black clad men and the vicar. Tonka’s four rubber tyred wheels whizzed round as though with new life and in view of what they had experienced, rather aptly, carried the trolley at speed towards the road. They had to negotiate a gate and in pulling Tonka through this, his back two 200mm rubber tyred wheels took a buffeting from the closing gate. Had he been able, he would have cried out in pain but there was no time for self pity. They reached the pavement and ran like the wind. There was no need really as the pursuing vicar and black clad acolytes had given up the chase and had returned to infer the properly deserving person in the coffin.

As they slowed down to a walk they passed many wheelie bins, each having rubber tyred wheels and a wheelie bin trolley for conveying them. Tonka became aware of the odd experience he had gone through. He had never been buried before and didn’t like it much. Passing them frequently going the other way were various women with children and prams having quite large rubber tyred spoked pram wheels. One of the little boys pointed at Tonka as he approached and aimed a kick at him. In doing so he dropped his ice lolly he was sucking noisily and bent down to retrieve it.

Tonka, angry at the kick, adjusted his weight and with Elizabeth and Sharon pulling hard, he adjusted his weight and directed his large 200mm rubber tyred back wheels to run over the ice lolly and the boys fingers. A cry of pain alerted his mother who turned on the Goolee gang. This was the signal for another retreat and they ran fast – yet again....

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