100mm Non-Marking Rubber Bolt Hole Castor | 80kg

Price: £5.56 Ex VAT
(£6.67 including VAT)

Code: 100DRLBH12GRG

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Technical Information

Load Capacity (kg) 80kg
Load Capacity (kg) of 4 Castors 240kg
Overall Height 128mm
Wheel Diameter 100mm
Tread Width 27mm
Castor Type Swivel
Fitting Method M12 Bolt Hole
Bearing Type Plain
Offset 38mm
Bracket Material Pressed Steel
Wheel Material Non-Marking Rubber on Plastic
Wheel Colour Grey

This discreet, strong and silent non-marking grey rubber castor is the perfect solution for small trolleys, such as the home tea trolley. Designed to be suitable for all kinds of flooring, including carpets, this castor can fit quickly and easily using either a plate or bolt hole fitment. With the option of swivel, fixed and braked types the DRLGRG series is one of the most versatile small castors we have available.

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HI, I'm looking to find (optimally) an bolt hole castor to meet the following criteria: - m6 bolt size - 80-100mm rubber or synthetic rubber wheel (not plastic) - swivel without brake Load is irrelevant, as these would be used with cribs... however rubber m6 and wheel size are. Alternatively, I could use a threaded M6 swivel castor with the same specs but this would be sub-optimal. I found on this version on your site (Code: W100DRLBH12GRG) but i notice as soon as i change it from a 100mm wheel to a 75mm diameter, the bolt changes to an m10. Now I'm concerned that the 100mm isn't actually an M6. Would be great if someone could help me out

Hello Rainer you only issue is M6 bolt hole castors are non European standard , I'd suggest calling me we can talk this threw 01527 501148 Kind Regards Paul