200mm Rubber Wheel | 205kg

Price: £7.04 Ex VAT
(£8.45 including VAT)

Code: 200WPSB

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Technical Information

Load Capacity (kg) 205kg
Load Capacity (kg) of 4 Castors 615kg
Wheel Diameter 200mm
Tread Width 50mm
Bearing Type Roller
Bore Size 20mm
Hub Length 60mm
Wheel Material Rubber on Plastic
Wheel Colour Black

Expert Answers

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Hi I'm Looking for a solid tyre to replace a pneumatic tyre currently on a sack barrow (260 dia 20mm bore) but would your 200mm x 20mm wheel do ? I know this would be 60mm smaller but would that make so much difference it is only a sack barrow?

Hi Colin, due to the design of a sackbarrow you will need to replace it with a similar size wheel. Please send a photo to our sales team of the sackbarrow (sales@atlashandlinguk.co.uk) and we'll be happy to offer some assistance.

Hi looking for a 200mm diameter wheel 12.5mm bore and 37mm hub is this something you can supply ?

Hello Alan No we do not I'd suggest Ebay as your wheel has an imperial bore which isn't standard Regards

I'm looking for 2 wheels 180mm dia 8mm bore 40mm width. Plastic/rubber wheels for a rolling tool box so doesn't need a huge load capacity. Thanks Paul.

Hello Mr Spencer Your wheel requirement is nonstandard unable to help sorry Kind Regards

Hi there, I'm looking for 2 rubber wheels with a nylon centre (no bearing). The OD is approx. 190mm, width is 50mm with 35mm tread and the bore is 25mm. Do you have anything that suits?

Hi Martin that's on unusual size we have 51 HL 25 plain but they are 200mm diameter @ £13.96 each net Hope that helps Regards Paul