250mm Solid Cast Iron Wheel | 1500kg

Price: £56.85 Ex VAT
(£68.22 including VAT)

Code: 250WCIBJ

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Technical Information

Load Capacity (kg) 1500kg
Load Capacity (kg) of 4 Castors 4500kg
Wheel Diameter 250mm
Tread Width 54mm
Bearing Type Ball
Bore Size 20mm/25mm
Temperature + 120°C
Temperature - -80°C
Hub Length 60mm
Wheel Material Cast Iron
Wheel Colour Black

Expert Answers

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if you have a 2000kg load do you order 4 @ 500kg wheels

Hello, We would advise that you divide your total load over 3 rather than 4. So you'd ideally be looking for wheels that have a load capacity of around 650kg to 700kg per wheel. We always advise this just for safety reasons in case whatever your using the wheels for is loaded unevenly or the floor surface is uneven etc...