250mm Solid Cast Iron Wheel with 1100Kg Capacity

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Brand: Atlas Handling UK Ltd

Code: W250WCIBJ

250mm Heavy Duty Cast Iron Castor Wheel With Ball Bearing

You're looking at our 250mm heavy duty cast iron castor wheel with ball bearing bore. it's capable of supporting loads of up to 1100kg per wheel! This is a superb heavy duty castor wheel for the money and if treated correctly should last you a very long time. 

Something that should be quite obvious about cast iron castor wheels, is that they're very hard wearing and can just keep going and going. This particular castor wheel has the option of two sizes for the bore which you can select above. You can either have this wheel with a 20mm bore or a 25mm bore. it has a tread width of 50mm, Hub length of 60mm and an overall wheel diameter of 250mm. 

If you're interested in a complete castor rather than just the castor wheel you can find our complete series of cast iron castors here

Additional Information

Wheel Diameter 250mm
Wheel Material Cast Iron
Capacity 1500Kg
Bore Size 20mm/25mm (please specify when ordering)
Tread 50mm
Wheel Bearing Ball Bearing
Hub Length 60mm

Expert Answers

if you have a 2000kg load do you order 4 @ 500kg wheels

Hello, We would advise that you divide your total load over 3 rather than 4. So you'd ideally be looking for wheels that have a load capacity of around 650kg to 700kg per wheel. We always advise this just for safety reasons in case whatever your using the wheels for is loaded unevenly or the floor surface is uneven etc...

Answered 4 months, 1 week ago

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