50mm Non-Marking Rubber Wheel | 40kg

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Code: 50WTPRM6

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Technical Information

Load Capacity (kg) 40kg
Load Capacity (kg) of 4 Castors 120kg
Wheel Diameter 50mm
Tread Width 20mm
Bearing Type Plain
Wheel Material Synthetic Non-Marking Rubber on Plastic
Bore Size 6mm
Hub Length 24mm
Wheel Colour Grey

Expert Answers

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Do these have the ability to be fixed to the shaft with a grub screw or similar? or are they only designed to be freely rotating?

Good afternoon, thank you for your question, the wheel is designed to rotate freely on a shaft, these are not designed to be mechanically driven.

If you would like to send and images of your apparatus, we may be able to direct you to something else.