80mm Stainless Steel Nylon Castor | 200kg

Price: £16.70 Ex VAT
(£20.04 including VAT)

Code: SS80DRBH12NY

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Technical Information

Load Capacity (kg) 200kg
Load Capacity (kg) of 4 Castors 600kg
Overall Height 106mm
Wheel Diameter 80mm
Tread Width 28mm
Fitting Method M12 Bolt Hole
Bearing Type Plain
Offset 37.5mm
Bracket Material Stainless Steel
Wheel Material Nylon
Wheel Colour White

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Not sure in my previous question if I included the link to my shelf, here it is: https://www.shopfittingwarehouse.co.uk/shelving-and-racking-c13/chrome-wire-shelving-c21/mobile-chrome-shelving-c158/chrome-wire-shelving-unit-with-heavy-duty-wheels-5-shelves-p1225

Hello Me Mills Did you receive my previous email ?

Hi, I have this shelving unit in my house, I load it with heavy tools and liquids and one of the cheap metal wheel supports just buckled and all the bearings fell out. It says it takes 150KG per shelf, it has 4 loaded shelves so thats up to 600KG although I don't load it more than around 200KG to 300KG I don't think, maybe a lot less. I need four stronger ones, swivel, don't need brakes. The bolt is M8 and 30mm long, I need 4 new bolts, single hole but I would prefer to have a larger hole and an adaptor if such a thing exists, to increase the load but it has to go into a female M8 thread in the trolley leg I would like 4 heaviest duty wheels. Please can you advise. The current 8mm bolt but I don't mind https://www.shopfittingwarehouse.co.uk/shelving-and-racking-c13/chrome-wire-shelving-c21/mobile-chrome-shelving-c158/chrome-wire-shelving-unit-with-heavy-duty-wheels-5-shelves-p1225

Hello Clive are you able to take a closeup photo of the tube end so I can see how you intend fitting please ? Kind Regards Paul