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Castors That Can Take the Heat

As castor and wheels specialists we take the time to research and learn about the different types of working environments our castors can be used within, one such technical requirement is temperature, in particular: heat.

High temperature environments such as bakeries, hygienic cleaning facilities, steelworks, and metal fabrications all require specialist castors that can withstand the heat from ovens, steam showers and smelting pots. Where most standard castor wheels have a maximum safe working temperature of 80°C, our high temperature castors are designed to be safe for use up to 300°C.

The various wheels we have in stock for this specific type of heat requirement range in size, material, colour and highest-safe-working-temperature. These wheels include high temperature wheels made of cast iron, polymer glass fibre wheels and phenolic resin.


One of the most robust and durable wheel types we have in this range is made of phenolic resin. Available in a colour (black, green, or red) these wheels can be used safely in temperatures of up to 300°C.

As well as the excellent heat resistance, the phenolic resin wheel is also designed to be resistant to chemicals and oils making these perfect for us in chemical production areas where spills occur, or metal works where sparks and heated areas can fluctuate randomly.

These wheels excel in handling heavy loads with ease and with the fabricated bracket housing can hold up to 500kg without breaking a sweat.  


Over the last one hundred years, stainless steel has become the standard choice of metal used within apparatus and equipment for the food industry, including bakeries. Professional cleaning facilities such as those that provide services to hotels and hospitals use chemicals, water, and steam to ensure all bacteria and stains have been exterminated. Both above working environments require a castor and wheel that can withstand high temperatures, constant use of steam, and water and remain hygienic throughout use.

Our polymer glass fibre wheel range meets all requirements and more thanks to its unique addition – the splash guard. This small but helpful tool gives the wheel complete protection against any spills, splashes, or splats making it the perfect option for use in areas where liquids and chemicals are in constant movement.


Housing these specialist splash guard wheels into our durable and hygienic stainless steel brackets, we offer our SSLVHTG series. This durable, strong castor has a heat resistance of up to 280°C and the additional splash-guarded wheel helps to prevent the transportation of germs and bacteria.

If you require any further guidance on which castor or wheel suits your needs, please reach out to our friendly team who will be happy to assist, contact details can be found at the top of the website or on our Contact Us page.


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