SSDR Swivel Castors

Stainless Steel Poly Nylon Swivel Castors

You're looking at our range of SSDR Polyurethane on Nylon Centre Swivel Castors. Designed for use where moisture / water will be an issue such as in the catering & hospitality business. 
You may have noticed trolleys in kitchens before and you may have noticed the rust on them, It doesn't really look good and then ends up turning floors orange, we've seen it happen before and it's so hard to remove that orange stain once its in! Particularly if you don't notice it for a while. 

These castors are aimed at applications where this may be an issue. They're made from stainless steel to prevent the rusting, they don't have a wheel bearing either so that's one less part that could possibly rust. 
They're made from a Polyurethane Tread on a White Nylon Centre all house in a Stainless Steel Bracket. Their red & white wheel makes them very visually appealing. 

Not only are they very visually appealing castors but they're also pretty strong when you take into account their size. The smallest size these swivel castors are available in which happens to be 80mm are capable of supporting loads up to 100kg! 
They're available in five different sizes including 80mm, 100mm, 125mm, 160mm, 200mm

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