Spring Loaded Gate with Castor

Price: £42.09 Ex VAT
(£50.51 including VAT)

Code: gate-castor

Technical Information

Load Capacity (kg) 70kg
Overall Height 375mm
Max Travel 75mm
Wheel Diameter 100mm
Plate Size 165mm
Wheel Colour Black

Please ensure full research is conducted before fitting your new gate castor. A gate castor is not designed to carry the entire weight of the equipment, instead, it provides support at the end of the gate/door to relieve the strain and wear on hinges, whilst providing additional movement control. We advise mounting the castor at the furthest point from the hinges or supports to ensure the be as effective as possible. For further guidance and assistance on any of our products, including our spring-ed gate castor, please contact our expert support team. Please note, you will need to purchase fixings suited to your requirements.

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