Spring Loaded Gate with Swivel Castor

Price: £34.16 Ex VAT
(£40.99 including VAT)

Brand: Atlas Handling UK Ltd

Code: gate-castor-swivel

Technical Information

Load Capacity (kg) 70kg
Overall Height 375mm
Max Travel 75mm
Wheel Diameter 100mm
Plate Size 41mm
Plate Size 165mm

Our special purpose swivel spring loaded gate castor is specifically designed to help support and promote healthy hinges and joints on wide gates and doors. The robust spring loaded gate castor also helps stop drooping, removing the need for lifting to prevent ground clearance or forceful opening and closing. 

Suitable for a range of environments, such as industrial, agricultural, and security, or within a domestic setting for heavy entrance gates, the swivel sprung loaded gate castor provides automatic height adjustment on uneven and sloping surfaces.

Available as either a swivel or fixed setting, the gate castors are easy to fit and extremely durable, withstanding whatever the UK weather throws at it. Fitted with a synthetic elastic rubber tyred wheel with sealed 'greased for life' ball journal axle bearings. Providing a smooth, trouble-free operative, our spring loaded gate castor is designed to withstand a maximum upwards compression/ground height variation of 75mm and can support up to 70kg.

Please ensure full research is conducted before fitting your new gate castor. A gate castor is not designed to carry the entire weight of the equipment, instead, it provides support at the end of the gate/door to relieve the strain and wear on hinges, whilst providing additional movement control. We advise mounting the castor at the furthest point from the hinges or supports to ensure the be as effective as possible. 

For further guidance and assistance on any of our products, including our spring-loaded gate castor, please contact our expert support team. 

Please note, you will need to purchase fixings suited to your requirements.


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